Tokuyama Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Protection of Personal Information

Tokuyama Asia Pacific Ltd.(hereafter, the "Company") has put in place an in-house personal information protection management system, and handles personal information based on the following policies.

Personal information protection management system

The Company shall appoint a chairperson of its Personal Information Protection Committee as the person in charge of the company-wide management of personal information protection, and shall also appoint a manager in charge of personal information protection in each business division. Furthermore, the Company shall make concerted efforts to ensure that its employees fully understand how to properly manage and utilize personal information as well as how to store it securely.

Obtaining and using personal information

The Company shall employ legal and fair means when obtaining personal information, and handle personal information it has acquired only within the scope of its intended purpose as disclosed. If the Company plans to handle such information beyond the scope of this intended purpose, it must gain prior permission from the parties in question.

Measures to securely manage personal information

The Company shall take concrete and practical security measures involving personnel at the organizational level to ensure that personal information in its possession is not lost, leaked, falsified, or illegally accessed.

Responding to requests to disclose, amend, or cease using information

If the Company is requested by a person to directly disclose, amend, or cease using his or her personal information, the Company shall promptly respond to the request after confirming the person's identity.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

The Company shall not disclose personal information in its possession to any third party, except in the following cases:

  • ・Permission has been obtained from the information provider
  • ・The information must be provided according to laws or regulations
  • ・Providing the information could help protect human life, safety, or property
  • ・Providing the information could contribute to public health
  • ・Providing the information is necessary to cooperate with government authorities